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CHAPTER 10 Editors

10.4 emacs Quick Reference Guide

Emacs commands are accompanied either by simultaneously holding down the control key (indicated by C-) or by first hitting the escape key (indicated by M-).
Essential Commands
C-x uundo
C-x C-gget out of current operation or command
C-x C-ssave the file
C-x C-cclose Emacs
Cursor movement
C-fforward one character
C-bback one character
C-pprevious line
C-nnext line
C-abeginning of line
C-eend of line
C-lcenter current line on screen
C-vscroll forward
M-vscroll backward
M-fforward one word
M-bback one word
M-abeginning of sentence
M-eend of sentence
M-[beginning of paragraph
M-]end of paragraph
M-<beginning of buffer
M->end of buffer
Other Important Functions
M-(n)repeat the next command (n) times
C-ddelete a character
M-ddelete a word
C-kkill line
M-kkill sentence
C-ssearch forward
C-rsearch in reverse
M-%query replace
M-ccapitalize word
M-uuppercase word
M-llowercase word
C-ttranspose characters
M-ttranspose words
C-@mark beginning of region
C-wcut--wipe out everything from mark to point
C-ypaste--yank deleted text into current location
M-qreformat paragraph
M-greformat each paragraph in region
M-x auto-fill-modeturn on word wrap
M-x set-variable <return> fill-column <return> 45
  set length of lines to 45 characters
M-x goto-line <return> 16move cursor to line 16
M-wcopy region marked
C-x C-ffind file and read it
C-x C-vfind and read alternate file
C-x iinsert file at cursor position
C-x C-ssave file
C-x C-wwrite buffer to a different file
C-x C-cexit emacs, and be prompted to save

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