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CHAPTER 3 Getting Started

3.8 Display Commands

There are a number of commands you can use to display or view a file. Some of these are editors which we will look at later. Here we will illustrate some of the commands normally used to display a file.

Display Commands
Command/SyntaxWhat it will do
cat [options] fileconcatenate (list) a file
echo [text string]echo the text string to stdout
head [-number] filedisplay the first 10 (or number of) lines of a file
more (or less or pg) [options] filepage through a text file
tail [options] filedisplay the last few lines (or parts) of a file

3.8.1 - echo - echo a statement
3.8.2 - cat - concatenate a file
3.8.3 - more, less, and pg - page through a file
3.8.4 - head - display the start of a file
3.8.5 - tail - display the end of a file

Introduction to Unix - 14 AUG 1996
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